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New Easter 2024 Release - Jesus My Hope Always

Here we are...another New Year, another God given opportunity to create new music that glorifies and edifies the Name of Jesus. If you are like me, when we create, we can't wait for the world to hear what God has down-loaded into our spirit, our head-space, and our heart! What I have learned, and continue to learn in the process, is that God's timing is everything and perfect. This is the right time for this song!

My writing partners (Dream Team) Alison McHugh and Chris VanDuyn spent the better part of 2023 praying over and perfecting this song and I had the pleasure of recording it at Yackland Studio in Nashville, TN with the incredible producer Stephen Leiweke. Matt Stanfield (Piano), Chris Donahue (Bass), Jacob Schrodt (Drums) and Stephen Leiweke (all guitars) all lent their God given talents to making the song come alive.

My prayer is that this song serves it's purpose in bringing, hope, peace and comfort to each person that listens to it. I pray it reminds you of exactly who Jesus is!

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